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10 Reasons Why Your Website Might Need a Redesign

Points of View

1.  It is Not Mobile Responsive

If you’re following the culture around you, you are using your phone for most of your online reading.   Let’s not forget our tablets.  Your website has to meet its reader’s needs on multiple types of screens or they will be leaving your site for one that will. People demand information when and where they need it.  You will be missing out on customers and valuable leads if you are not mobile responsive.


2.  It Doesn’t Work

Some sites are terribly slow, others difficult to navigate if your customer experience is frustrating, you are losing them.  You might have broken links, outdated promos or content. Although these things might not seem like that big a deal the effectiveness of your website is deteriorating your reputation with your visitors.  Neglecting it or too long can have dire consequences on current customers and lead efforts.

Who You Are

3.  Better Brand Communication

If you have undergone a rebrand reflect your brands growth in your website.  Branding needs to be consistent across the website matching the branding across the company.  Remember brand is about more than logos and colours.  The language, tone, written content and images should all be updated in a rebrand.  People need to know they have arrived at the right place as soon as they get there, easy brand recognition.

What do you want to do?

4.  To Realign your Marketing Goals

There are so many potential goals for a website.  It is important you know what yours are and are catering to those goals on your website.  Here is a list of potential goals you might want your site to be accomplishing for you.

Increased traffic
Increased sales
Authority in your industry
Search engine establishment
Online reputation or public relations
Conversion goals
Retention vs. new customers
Establishing your brand

5. To Increase Lead Generation

Knowing your visitor and giving them what they want is vital to getting leads and upping conversion rates.  If inbound leads are important to your marketing funnel you can improve your website to actualize your lead potential.   Doing A/B resting with tools like Optimizely allows you to have 2 sites so you can compare what is working on one versus the other.  Knowing what works allows you to redesign your site in a way you know from experience targets your ideal customer.  Lots of testing builds a site with magnetism for both leads and conversions.  Adding different types of content, case studies and video tutorials are also great sources of lead generation that can be added.


6. Improved User Experience

Your website is a sales person per say.  Its goal is to walk visitors through their path to a sale.  It needs to provide a positive impression upon arrival, gage who the customer is,  provide them the information they want to see, take them where they want to go smoothly, unknowingly funnel them right to a sale.  Websites can cater to a researched customer, provide a researched map of the customer’s desired journey and tools can be used to know how customers will behave on the page.  Websites can be customized to be top selling sales reps.

Stay in Style

7.  It’s been 3 to 5 Years

People expect modern.  It is equated with success. If your site doesn’t meet the expectation of your customers they will leave based on looks alone.  If your site has an outdated design people may also think your entire business is passed its prime Remember the web is always changing and evolving and you should too.  Make sure your website is telling the right story.  In addition, the longer time goes on the more likely you are to have some of the other problems on this list.

10 Reasons Why Your Website Might Need a Redesign

8. To Improve SEO

You can embrace a new opportunity to improve your SEO with a new website.  Programmers can make your new site more readable to search engines than your old one.  They can determine what SEO was working on the old site and keep it in the new site.  Vise-versa you can determine what was not working for the SEO of your last site and avoid that.  In addition, there are so many tricks that can be used to improve SEO in a new build:  redesigning site structure, back-links, keyword rankings, adding audience specific content, using data analysis, using meta-information, and body content.

Get Tech Savy

9. To Facilitate Integration with Software

If you are making the most of your website you use plugins that add additional functionality to your site. Outdated plugins can function improperly on the web of today’s standards and end up breaking your site or causing other problems.  New websites are often required for plugins that relate to tying in social media feeds, especially live chats and video feeds.  But there are always new and improved versions of every type of plugin you will want to keep up with.  You will want to make your website compatible with the newest software to get the most out of what your site can do.

Keep Up

10. Your Competitors Changed Their Site

Needless to say you want to look as good if not better than your competitors.  If your website pales in comparison to your rivals your reputation is at risk.  Whether we like it or not people are sold on looks.  You need to outmatch your opponent so your customer associates the great quality of your website with the excellence of your company.

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